Hitman: Absolution trophies are murderously ruthless

Brilliantly there are 47 Hitman: Absolution trophies in total. 14 bronze, 11 silver, 1 gold, the platinum and 20 spoiler free secret ones.

Hitman: Absolution trophies

Here’s the full list. There’s a good spread, especially in terms of challenge – some you find almost impossible not to get and others you’ll have to work for a bit. The secret ones presumably will all be story related.


The Russian Hare - 47 precision headshots using a sniper rifle

A Taste for the Game - Complete 10 challenges

It’s All in the Wrist - Achieve a lethal throw kill

Damage Control - Contain a situation gone bad

Self-improvement - Buy an upgrade

First Contract - Complete the Create Contract Tutorial

Blood Money - Complete the Play Contract Tutorial

True Potential - Unlock a technique

Inconspicuous - Remain undetected in a whole checkpoint

Whoops - Achieve your first accident kill

Rocksteady - Execute a point shooting with 3 kills

Under Wraps - Hide a body

Sandman - Subdue a person


Reach for the Stars - Complete 50 challenges

Jack of All Trades - Collect all play styles

Information is Power - Collect all evidence

Thumbs Up - Like a contract

Set for Life - Earn 1 million contract dollars

Partners in Crime - Play a contract created by a friend

Competitive Spirit - Create a contract competition

Contender - Participate in a contract competition

One With the Shadows - Escape attention from enemies

Silent Assassin - Achieve the rating: Silent Assassin

One of the Guys - Blend in successfully


Grand Master - Complete 100 challenges

Absolution - Complete Hitman: Absolution on any professional difficulty


Top of Your Game - Collect all trophies

20 secret trophies

Thanks PS3 trophies.