David Cage on Beyond: “I wish I could show nothing, & put a plain black cover on the shelves so players start with no information”


Speaking about the upcoming Beyond David Cage has admitted that if he could he wouldn’t say anything about the game and leave gamers guessing right up until they started playing.

David Cage on Beyond

“I think there should be no preparation for Beyond. You must go into the game trying to learn as little as possible!” says Cage. “I wish I could say nothing and show nothing, and put a plain black cover on the shelves so that players start the game completely blank, with no information from trailers”. While he might want it, he does also also accept it’s never going to happen. “This is something that is obviously not possible, unfortunately!” Cage’s message then is this: “For people who trust us and who loved Heavy Rain – we will surprise you, we will give you something you expect without even knowing that you were expecting it!”

David cage E3 interviewAccording to Cage Quantic Dream is weeks away from approaching alpha. “It’s always a very critical moment in the development of a game,” explains Cage “since it’s the first time all the game data is assembled in a complete version. This first version is often not very playable, but it’s the first time you can see the ‘complete’ game as a whole. After that we’ll move onto the beta version, which is when the game really starts to look like the final version”.

“The game is very different from Heavy Rain, probably much more than people can imagine” Cage also admits, adding that, “We really aiming for the atmosphere of a psychological thriller”.

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