Portal 2 In Motion coming to PS3 next Wednesday 14th with Move patch for whole game

Portal 3 In Motion PS3

Josh Bays, director of product marketing at Sixense Entertainment, has popped up to say that the Move-controlled In Motion DLC for Portal 2 will be on the Store next week.

Portal 2 In Motion on the UK Store

It’ll be priced at €9.99 (so £7.99 at a guess) with a 30% discount for PlayStation Plus members. The idea is that this uses the Move controller to let you scale, rotate and stretch objects – things like extruding a box to make a plank you can use as a bridge for example. There will also be new test chambers to master with these abilities.

Along with the DLC there will also be a free patch that will add basic Move support for the entire game, both single player and multiplayer.

Thanks EU Blog.