XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2 – our sequel wishlist


A proper follow-up storyline (with a grim twist)

After all those hours of character development and tech expansion, it would be galling if XCOM 2 swept away the first game’s story or went for a straight retread. The solution? Set it a good while afterwards and mix the scenario up. Have the aliens return to an unprepared Earth resting on its laurels. Or better yet, explore the uncomfortable transhumanism subtext hinted at in the current game. XCOM frequently makes nods at the adoption of alien technology turning the human forces into something much less-so, so let’s play on that. Maybe have the enemy this time be an alien-augmented transhuman force twisted out of recognition following humanity’s ‘improvement’ after the first game. Or have the aliens use our adoption of that technology against us, by taking XCOM under its own control as well as sending in new extraterrestrial attackers. Nasty twists, yes, but much better than “And then there was another invasion…”