Watch The PlayStation All-Stars intro reel. Ask yourself who Polygon Man is

Here’s the opening cinematic from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale which shows all the main characters not quite hurting each other. Presumably because no one really wants to see Nate breaking PaRappa the Rapper’s teeth. It also reveals the game’s final boss.

PlayStation All-Star’s final boss

That mysterious head is Polygon Man, a short lived PS1 mascot from 1995, that lead game designer Seth Killion says is the “villainous mastermind that’s returned from the depths of PlayStation history to pull the strings in All-Stars”. However, according to former Worldwide Studio’s boss Phil Harrison the character was, “taken out into the car park and quietly shot” because the then head of PlayStation, Ken Kutaragi, hated him. Really, hated him. More here.

Thanks EU Blog.