New GTA 5 revealed: three main characters used in a “groundbreaking way”

[Update: Here's all the latest GTA 5 info, the new GTA 5 screens and everything Dan Houser has to say about GTA 5.]. 

[Also, totally called it on the multiple, connected GTA 5 characters last year.]

The first new GTA 5 info is go. There are three main characters in a “re-imagined Los Santos” with the game using a “groundbreaking” way to utilise the protagonists.

New GTA 5 info

The characters appear to be Albert De Silva from the first GTA 5 trailer, the man from the jet ski screen and the character from the leaked GTA pre-order art.

The info comes from this month’s GI where they say, “We introduce the three main protagonists, discuss the groundbreaking way you use them, and explore the re-imagined Los Santos – the biggest open world Rockstar has created to date”.

There will be more info at 8pm when GI goes on sale. A second GTA 5 trailer is dated for next Wednesday the 14th of November.

It’s going top be a busy day for GTA5. This has already slipped out:

The Game has done GTA 5 voice work suggesting San Andreas’ Mark ‘B Dup’ Wayne will be back.
There’s been one new GTA 5 screen.

Thanks GI