Uncharted: Fight for Fortune outed by ratings

[Update: See the Uncharted: Fight For Fortune announcement trailer here.] 

The Australian Rating board has just filed a listing for Uncharted: Fight For Fortune. Mentioning ‘mild violence’ and, curiously, ‘drug use’. The game is listed as “multiplatform”.

Uncharted: Fight for Fortune

The developer is listed as One Loop Games, a company that currently lists two secret projects. One, described as “it’s first big game” has just been completed. Given that the company has worked in the past on God Of War: Betrayal and Ratchet & clank: Going Mobile phone games I’m going to hazard a guess that this is Nathan Drake’s first mobile outing.

Whatever the game ends up being it appears to have an online component or connection with the rating stating that “gaming experience may change online”.

Thanks Player AttackOne Loop GamesAustralian Ratings BoardBrazilian ratings boardEurogamer.

Uncharted Fight For Fortune