Is this Uncharted: Fight For Fortune?

Uncharted fight for fortune

[Update: See the Uncharted: Fight For Fortune announcement trailer here.] 

The discovery that the recently outed Uncharted: Fight For Fortune is a casino/card game for PS Vita recalls this screen from an Uncharted: Golden Abyss glitch. Have we already seen the mystery game?

Uncharted: Fight For Fortune card

The image appeared on the PlayStation EU forums a while back when afster97 posted the images with the following description:

“Came across a glitch while playing Uncharted:GA, chapter 7 after taking the photo of the map. As soon as i took the photo the image appeared and I had to restart checkpoint to get out if it. I’ve looked into it and found that someone else has had this, I just thought I’d share it with everyone.”

There were rumours at the time that Sony Bend were talking about plans for “different” DLC, could this be Fight For Fortune?

Source: Eu PlayStation forums, thanks to CarlStuart for the tip off.