WWE 13 – Attitude Era mode’s best wrasslin’ moments


Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart vs HBK – Montreal Screwjob

At Survivor Series 1997 The Hitman and Shawn Michaels squared off for the WWE tile in the last match in their legendary rivalry. In real life, Hart and Michaels were about as fond of each other as Indy and slithering pythons. The night was given further spice by the fact this was The Excellence of Execution’s last match before leaving for rival wrestling company WCW. Determined Hart wouldn’t leave the WWE with the top belt, owner Vince McMahon changed the ending of the match on the fly, forcing the ref to ring the bell after HBK had put The Hitman is his own Sharpshooter submission. Deceived and humiliated in front of his fellow Canadians, Bret nevertheless kept a dignified composure. Wait, spitting at your boss and wrecking any TV equipment in a 70ft radius counts as composed, right?

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