Hitman Absolution originally started with 47 as “a filthy homeless guy with a three-legged dog”

Hitman Absolution

I would have loved to have seen this version of Hitman: Absolution: according to IO the game very nearly had a completely different story that saw 47 starting the game as a hobo with dog. And possibly a shotgun.

Hitman: Absolution’s rock bottom start

IO say, “In an early version of the story, Agent 47 really hit rock bottom. He was pretty much a very filthy homeless guy, who was accompanied by a three legged dog”. Early concept art shows a dishevelled 47 in a ruined suit smoking, drinking and even getting a really bad tattoo on his arm.

IO also talked about a cut level. “We originally planned to have a level in the game that took place in a hot sauce factory”, they explain. “It didn’t make it in the final game, but if you look carefully around the city of Hope, you can still find the hot sauce and some ‘themed’ disguises”.