The band behind the Beast: Nico Vega on Bioshock Infinite’s trailer – “one of the biggest things that’s happened to the band”

Niko Vega

In one of those ‘they can only say no’ moments I decided to get in touch with Nico Vega, the band behind Beast, the song that drives the latest Bioshock Infinite trailer. They got back to me

Bioshock Infinite’s Beast

Specifically Aja Volkman (pronounced Asia), the band’s lead singer. “This is kind of one of the biggest things that’s ever happened to my band,” she told me. “We’ve been around a long time touring like crazy and really trying top make it on our own. We’ve had indie record deals, but we’ve never really had that big tipping thing or anything that pushes you out in the spotlight so people know who you are and started buying your records”. She seems pleased with the exposure. “This is a pretty big deal for us. We’ve have a few smaller things that have happened and we have a sustainable fan base but it’s kinda cool to have something like this happen”.

The band have noticed the effects of the attention all ready. “I think there’s a lot of people downloading Beast right now which is really great. I’ve noticed a huge increase in downloads”. It’s a sign that videogames are becoming another important way for bands to get noticed (although even by Aja’s own admission Beast is an “old song” from Nico Vega’s self titled 2009 album). “I think licensing is all there is for musicians at this point because that’s how people hear about you,” says Aja. “Being on the radio is an amazing thing in this country if you can actually get on the radio. If you can’t it is all about licensing and other creative ways to get people to hear your music. There’s no such thing as selling out any more because when record sales died, that died”.

There’s only one downside to the increased exposure of Beast. “My only regret is we don’t have an official video for this song because no one wanted to take it to radio, so we never got any help or budget for a video”. When I asked Aja if they’d like a video made out of footage from Bioshock Infinite she replied, “That would be amazing. I cannot imagine them being okay with that though. People are so protective of stuff before it comes out, but that would be so cool”. Next time I see Ken I’ll have a word.

Niko Vega have a new album due early 2013, find out more here.