DmC is “a rebirth” not ‘Devil May Cry 5′, & isn’t “set up explicitly for a sequel”

DmC Devil May Cry

We recently spoke to DmC producer Alex Jones about Dante’s upcoming return. He told us that this new version of Devil May Cry is “a rebirth” and an “origin story” which is why there’s no number on the end.

DmC’s rebirth

When specifically asked about whether this was number 5 Jones replied, “No, because it’s a rebirth, so it didn’t feel right sticking a sequel [number] on there when we’re really going back and retelling an origin story”. Essentially this is a whole new start for the series. “It exists in its own chronology of events,” he explains. “It obviously heavily leverages the previous canon of DmC – returning characters, Virgil, Dante and largely the roles they fulfill and a lot of iconic elements like his gun and his Rebellion sword, Yamato and all that – but it’s its own separate thing in a parallel timeline”.

We also asked about the possibilities of a sequel to which Jones replied, “I think we’ve created a world that’s rich with possibility but we didn’t set it up explicitly for a sequel. I think the story we tell here feels like it could be resolved or it feels like there could be other stuff to explore.”

You can read our full DmC preview here. We like it.