Metal Gear Rising collector editions and pre-orders announced: Steelbooks DLC and figures up for grabs

[Update: A Cyborg Ninja DLC skin for Metal Gear Rising has been announced.]

Konami has announced it’s special edition and pre-order incentives for Metal Gear Rising. They include various DLC options, steelbooks and a massive Raiden figure.

Metal Gear Rising collector editions and pre-orders

Here are your options on the collector’s editions:

  • European Limited Edition comes with a ca. 30cm figurine of the cyborg agent from the Play Arts KAI series. The Raiden White Armour figurine will only be available via this limited release, with just 25,000 units available across Europe for ca. 99,95 Euro.
  • The Special Edition is available exclusively via Zavvi in the UK, and will also include a special DLC code to access the White Armour Raiden in the game, with an additional benefit that this incarnation enjoys an increased capacity to carry life-recovery items.

As far as the pre-orders go you can choose from these two steelbooks:

  • The first features a Raiden illustration by METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE’s Character Concept artist, Yoji Shinkawa, and the DLC unlocks Raiden’s Inferno Armour, thus increasing the number of throwing weapons he can carry. This will be exclusively available via the GAME chain of stores when pre-ordered.
  • The second steelbook is available when pre-ordered from independent stores and features a render of Raiden, and has a DLC code for the Raiden Commando Armour, which allows his access to a larger number of projectile weapons.

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