Zombies go home: The top 10 monsters we’ll take on PS3 instead




As apocalypses go, a troll apocalypse covers a pretty broad spectrum of bad – from minor inconvenience to “get in the boat, kids, we’re seafaring people now”. It all depends on whether or not the trolls in question are the hulking, hiding-under-bridges-eating-billy-goats-type or the 6-inch variety that make their homes in Scandinavian tourist shops. How would you fight them? While with the little ones the strategy might be no more complex than buying a cat, trolls big and small have to hide away underground come the daytime or turn to stone. We’re picturing a pitch-black, Alan Wake style survival horror set in the frozen woods of Norway, terrified villagers barring their doors at night and some tense sneaking sections where you hide under broken trees while a monstrous troll snuffles around above you for your scent. Try and run in the dark and you’ll trip over tree roots and slip in the snow, but turn on your torch and the trolls get enraged by the light. Strike that balance between running and hiding, and you might just survive until morning.