Sleeping Dogs producer says Square “believed in this game as a potential franchise”, 6 months DLC planned

Sleeping Dogs' zombie DLC North Point

[Update: here some of Sleeping Dog's upcoming PS3 DLC.]

In an interview with producer Dan Sochan about Sleeping Dogs‘ upcoming Nightmare at North Point DLC, Sochan has admitted they have 6 months of content packs on the way, including some that, “Explore aspects of Hong Kong cinema, and others that are a little more serious”. He’s also spoken about the studio’s relationship with Square Enix saying, “They believed in this game as a potential franchise from the very beginning”.

Sleeping Dogs DLC design

This 6 month’s extra content isn’t anything that’s been culled from the main game or held back either. “A few months before we shipped Square told us they wanted to do DLC so we made sure we could technically do add ons. But we really spent every waking hour and then some making sure the game was as polished and as bug free as it could be”. The work on the new material only started once the game was “done and shipped out the door”.

Having no initial plan for DLC is common according to Sochan. “Every contract is slightly different. More often than not with a new IP you want to assess the interest in the market, the consumers. How are people feeling a few months before launch? And you hedge your bets”. For Sleeping Dogs things looked positive very early on. “Square, from the very beginning, were showing that they believed in us and believed in this game as a potential franchise”.

One important thing for the new material was United Front were, “Really just having fun with it”. “That was a big thing for the team,” says Sochan. “We were all really tired and a little burned out after the full game, but working on something that was a complete departure from what we had done in the past was invigorating”. The actual inspiration behind the horror element was simply a matter of timing. “When looking at our timeline we said ‘Well, our first gameplay pack would be coming out around Halloween. We looked at Big Trouble In Little China, Chinese lore and this idea of hopping vampires. We thought the idea of these Jiang Shi, hopping vampires, is something very unique and different”.

The future, however, will see plenty more added to Sleeping Dogs with Sochan admitting the studio has, “6 months total DLC planned at this point”. There’s a variety of content packs on the way too with some, “That explore other aspects of Hong Kong cinema and ones that are a little more serious”. Fan feedback is an important part of the selection process with players able to actually choose some of what’s on the way. “We’ve got some more fun, interesting character packs which we’ve recently had up on the website – giving people different options and asking what DLC pack they wanted” In this case the community went for ‘fun’, picking the Monkey King, “a character pack with a vehicle, new animations and some weapons as well”.

While Square Enix might believe in Sleeping Dogs as a “potential franchise” Sochan is being more cryptic. “I can’t really comment on a sequel right now. Our main focus is on putting out quality DLC so people see value and continue to want to show interest in the franchise. Then we can evaluate and look at it at that point”.

Sleeping Dog’s Nightmare at North Point DLC will be on the Store this week.