GTA 5 posters leak Spring release date & new character art. Also: dog!

Images of what appear to be a GTA 5 retail poster have leaked online with a Spring 2013 release date for the Rockstar game. The poster also shows a new piece of character art in the same style as the recent Pest Control GTA 5 image.

GTA 5 release date leaked

The posters have apparently been leaked by a Polish site called That site’s currently down, presumably as its servers gently melt into small puddles, but it does potentially add credence to the info. There’s been a history of info, screens and even entire games leaking out through retail channels in smaller countries, everything from Sonic to Half-Life 2.

Also adding to fuel to the fire is the second piece of art that seems to be identical to the recently officially released Pest Control from Rockstar. If it is fake then there’s a talented artist behind it.

What do you say, then? Legit? Click on to see more details of the leaked images.