Uncharted 3 Patch 1.15 goes live, changes loads

uncharted 3 multiplayer 1.13 patch customisation options

Naughty Dog have released a Patch 1.15 for Uncharted 3 and the list of changes is pretty big. There are changes to the Trounement System, scoring and some new skins.

Uncharted 3 Patch 1.15 notes

Here’s the full list of details and changes:


Players will be appropriately matched according to Legacy level in matchmaking.

Team Balancing

Team balancing will now take into account players’ Legacy level.


New gun skins for Tournament tier rewards will roll out over the next several months. The new guns skins this month are the Fireball M9, Dragon Sniper and FAL-SS.

New Shade custom pieces for silver and bronze tier. The new pieces are the Shade Gas Mask, Shade Belling Mask, Shade Headphones, Shade Dark Vest and Shade Biker Jacket.

Treasure drops can sometimes be tournament tickets

Progress towards permanent tournament prizes now appears inside of tier screen menu

There is a new leader board for single tournament scores

Players can see all Players’ Tournament Tier in the scoreboard during a match. This will happen only if the player is ranked in the Tournament

Spending a tournament ticket increases your treasure drop chances for that match. This also makes rare treasures more likely to drop.

Players will now receive a small amount of points based on their kills and deaths for losing during a tournament game.

Tournament formula change:


Points = [1000 + (100*kills) + (25*assists) – (80*deaths)] * [1.2-(party size*0.2)]

Minimum = 200, Max = 6000


Points = Points = [100 + (10*kills) + (2.5*assists) – (8*deaths)] * [1.2-(party size*0.2)]

Minimum = 100, Max = 500


Classic Mode to replace Hardcore Mode

Classic Mode details:

Boosters on

Kickbacks off

Throwback grenades off

Buddy spawning off

No load out weapons so every player starts with an AK and Para 9

Lots of placed weapons on the map

Treasure drops over time so after extended play you will be guaranteed a treasure drop on your next kill

A treasure will appear in every drop and “Just Cash” is now “Plus Cash” and will never drop by itself anymore

Revenge grenades will no longer kill teammates

Toggle in the customization menu to turn on or off the bonuses on your head gear

11 new taunts for sale

Extras section in the main menu for watching trailers and purchasing other UNCHARTED games

Block mesh lab maps can now be viewed in Cinema

Increase Elimination only treasure drop rate. The affected treasures sets are: Sage Deity, Affluent Relics, Deadly Ensemble.

Thanks Naughty Dog.