10 of the best videogame villains on PS3


Handsome Jack

Head of the Hyperion corporation that manufactures a good portion of Borderlands 2‘s million bajillion (or thereabouts) weapons, Handsome Jack runs the planet of Pandora with an iron fist and an equally solid-looking haircut. He also claims responsibility for discovering the vault from the original Borderlands (a lie) and is so fabulously wealthy that he has a pony with diamonds where its skin should be. But the boundaries of his ego don’t end there – his lair is a massive space station in the shape of an ‘H’, just in case there were any doubt as to just how handsome and important Jack really is. Anyone still in doubt after such a display would be destroyed when Jack’s true plan – to summon a huge, Eridium-chugging space dragon called The Warrior – came to rampaging, murderous fruition.