The new PSN Store is up and running

New Look PSN store

After a false start and a few glitches the new look PSN Store is up and running as of now. I had a quick flick through it earlier and nothing exploded so fingers crossed. The redesign is apparently the result of “feedback and insight from the community,” according to the product development manager for Sony Network Entertainment, Elliott Dumville.

The new look PSN Store

Dumville says that “Thanks to the invaluable feedback and insight we gained from the community, we were able to make incremental improvements to the old store and, at the same time, develop a set of design principles which would help us create the all-new PlayStation Store that we’re launching later today”.

So what’s new? According to Dumville, “The biggest changes are to do with how you find the stuff you want. Whether you’re looking for the latest AAA release or a PSOne Classic, it’s now so much quicker and easier”.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the key features:

  • Launching the Store from the XMB goes straight to a ‘What’s New’ section which is the new home page.
  • The overall site is still built on a mosaic design but now scrolling through carousels for the What’s New or other sections will highlight a ‘hero’ for each page. The Store has also been design as a more HD experience.
  • Product images are larger and contain key info like title, price, content type and the platform.
  • PS3, PS Vita and PSP content is now all clearly separated.
  • There are new and improved filtering options that lets you sort through content using categories like price, features like online multiplayer, accessories like 3D, Move, PS Eye and so on. You can also organise things by name, release date and price.
  • The search system has been overhauled with aim of letting you find any game you want the autocomplete function finding your game within three or four typed characters.
  • There’s a new rating system with categories like Top Rated and Most Popular charts.
  • A new Products Page gathers together all a games content in one place.

Thanks EU Blog.