Bioshock Infinite Beast of America trailer released: all new footage, looks incredible

[Update: Here's a full breakdown and analysis of the Bioshock Infinite trailer.]

There is loads of new stuff in the latest Bioshock Infinite trailer – new factions, enemies, areas, stuff. After seeing the same bits for so long this is like getting a whole new game.

New Bioshock Infinite trailer

Here’s the stuff I’ve managed to pick out of it so far:

  • Pre-war Colombia (Ken Levine has previously mentioned that war breaks out around Booker during the game).
  • New Bioshcok Infinite areas: Monument Park, Battleship Bay (a beach resort) Hotel Soldiers Field and Aerodrome
  • The Handymen being sold as a health ‘enhancment’ called  Bettermen’s Autobodies
  • A religious cult dressed in white
  • An new encounter with Elizabeth and the Songbird while falling through the sky.
  • A new steam powered, armored enemy.
  • A police faction (seen when one seems to face plant a sky-hook).
  • The sky-hook being seen to navigate the environment via stationary hanging points.
  • A ship flying in to attack through a window.
  • WW1 styled soldiers.
  • Booker fighting alongside the Vox Populi (as well as against them earlier).
  • Bloody physical damage from using vigors.
  • A new cowled enemy with a coffin on his back, surrounded by crows.