Sleeping Dogs’ DLC Nightmare in North Point is all about Chinese hopping vampires

Yes, that’s a thing. In Chinese folklore the Jiang Shi are a kind of reanimated corpse, not quite a vampire or a zombie but a bit of both. They’re also the star of Sleeping Dogs‘ first DLC.

Sleeping Dogs’ DLC

The plot of Sleeping Dog’s DLC sees Wei Shen going up against a gangster called Big Scar Wu, who escapes hell to get revenge after being fed into a mincer and turned into cat food. I would say you couldn’t make this stuff up but someone clearly has.

As a result his humiliation Wu returns as Smiley Cat with an army of Jiang Shi and forcing Shen to weild Chinese magic inorder to fight off the undead threat. It’ll be out this Halloween, obviously.

Watch the Sleeping Dogs’ Nightmare in North Point DLC trailer here.