Home getting Uproar, a free-to-play shooter

Home is getting another fully formed free-to-play game in the form of Uproar an online third person shooter. Think SOCOM meets street gangs, fighting in maps that appear in various Home spaces.

Home’s free-to-play uproar

Home UproarYou’re able to pick sides between the Outlaws or Sywfts (really?) and customisation lets you play around with primary and secondary weapons, melee options, taunts, clothes and power boosting serums. The game itself will apparently wander through Home, appearing in various districts with developer Lockwood Publishing’s publishing director, Sophia Coney saying, “Uproar could turn up in any Home Space at any time, offering a brand new selection of maps to take the fight to.” The Action District will be the first venue.

If you don’t want to buy stuff then Coney says that, “Every single weapon and Serum available within Uproar can be unlocked for free through the use of unlock keys, which you obtain by simply levelling up your avatar”. One interesting mechanic lets you ‘rent’ stuff to try it out before you commit to buying it.

Home Uproar