Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation lets you “blend seamlessly with slaves”

Assassin's Creed 3 liberation slaveAssassin’s Creed 3′s Liberation‘s new Persona System lets you use various guises to blend into different social situations. One of those includes the ability to dress up as a slave. I’m not entirely sure a costume in a stealth mechanic really does the full history justice.

Assassin’s Creed’s slavery

Here’s how it works: because of Aveline’s heritage the Persona System means she’s able to blend in with both with both the wealthy and the poor by using changing rooms scattered around the game. These are unlocked like shops in previous Assassin’s Creeds and let her access her different outfits as needed. The three Personas available are Slave, Lady and Assassin, and each have there own bonuses and drawbacks.

assassin's creed slaveThe Slave lets you blend into the lower classes by working. “Aveline can blend seamlessly with slaves, indentured servants and other workers. As such, she can quickly fade into the background by simply picking up a crate… nothing to see here, just another porter, toting a merchant’s goods.,” says Ubisoft community developer Gabe Graziani. You can also incite disturbances from other workers to create distractions, The downside to this easy concealment is that that you lose all weaponary, leaving Aveline defenseless.

Dressing as a lady on the other hand opens up areas only available to the wealthy and privileged, giving Aveline the ability to “charm or even bribe certain individuals, opening up new opportunities for assassination”. You also get to carry a few weapons and there’s talk of a poison dart firing umbrella.

Lastly there’s the full Assassin outfit. That comes with all the weapons and mobility you’d expect but is far more conspicuous to guards, making public stealth more of an issue.

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