Sony’s new Move controller uses a thermal grill to burn you

Hot and cold Move controller

[Update: Sony have published a patent for a combined Move/Dualshock controller].

Not actually burn you, obviously. The ‘Thermal Grill‘ in question is sensory illusion where interlaced bands of warm and cool temperatures can create the feeling of burning. And Sony could be putting it in a Move controller.

Hot and cold Move controller

The whole thing’s outlined in this patent for a ‘temperature feedback motion controller’. It talks at length about using three thermoelectric devices to create hot and cold temperatures. There’s mention of generating thermal feedback from an ‘interactive programe’, or game to you and me, as well as in response to pulling the trigger. The controller could react according to environments like lava or ice, guns could create heat when fired and so on. There’s also talk of locating a ‘virtual object in a virtual environment’, essentially being literally hot or cold as you look for something.

Thanks Kotaku.



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