Black Ops 2 launch trailer is full of the future – invis-cloaks, jet wingsuits, robo-bugs & more

Loads of fresh stuff in the Call Of Duty Black 2 launch trailer including stealth cloaks, jet-powered wingsuits, little robot insect things and loads more. New levels, new gear, new everything. It’s hard not to get a little bit excited.

Black Ops 2 launch trailer

Two things to note: firstly it looks like the Black Ops 2 engine’s been improved as it’s certainly a significant visual upgrade from last year’s version. True, it’s probably running on a ‘roided PC but still – better. It also looks huge, like Judgement Day, global war huge. Combine that with Black Ops 2′s multiple paths, stories and endings promised by Treyarch and this is looking like quite the big deal. Again.