6 amazing Grand Theft Auto moments GTA 5 needs to beat


GTA 3 – Trying to make the Dodo fly

GTA 5 on PS3 is our most wanted game of 2013. So to add further fuel to our massively excited fire, we’re looking back at some of Grand Theft Auto’s finest felony-tastic moments.

Now this was when GTA flying was a gentleman’s pursuit. Alright, so getting (and crucially, keeping) GTA 3′s tiny plane in the air was roughly as difficult as finding the extinct bird it nicked its name from. Yet the thrilling satisfaction of hoisting your puny aircraft briefly off terra firma was as rewarding a feat as you’d find on the murdery streets of Liberty City. Some enterprising souls even found a way to keep the Dodo in the air permanently. Cheaty sods. Anyhoo, this is still a more civilised form of aviation than attacking a tanker with a gang banger-flown fighter jet in San Andreas.