Far Cry 3 fixing all Far Cry 2′s travel woes, “we wanted to make driving fun”

Far Cry 3 screens new

Anyone who played Far Cry 2 will remember fixing cars by the side of the road, getting stuck on trees and walking. So much walking. Far Cry 3‘s lead game designer Jamie Keen says travel won’t “become a chose this time”.

Far Cry 3 hits the road

“What we wanted to do with this one is we wanted to make driving a fun experience”. Explains Keen, “We wanted it to feel like you can pull a handbrake turn round a corner and when you do it it is great and fun to do. You can just launch your vehicle at 70mph off a cliff – it might not do very well – but you can do that stuff.”

After all Far Cry 2′s engine repairs, the ability to get lost in the middle of nowhere and the less than useful bus stops it’s good to hear Keen say, “We want travel not to become a chore”. Although you can drive plenty if that takes your fancy, “If you want to just travel across coastal roads for hours on end, by all means knock yourself out.” However, for the less patient? “We have fast travel points that let you move quickly around the world. You never feel like anything is too far way but it’s there and its the choice that you are making, This idea of player choice is very important to us, that you are the one that’s deciding the pace and what you engage with.”

It sounds like exploration will be worth it because Far Cry 3 should be a far more unpredictable place to be. “Part of the contrast that we want is that this is an extremely bright and extremely beautiful game world but that at any moment can jump and up and eat your throat out”. Watch the Far Cry 3 trailer below to see what happens when tigers get involved. “We wanted this kind of juxtaposition between the two. We want you, when you are wandering around the world, to just get lost out there and go off and explore, have a look around it and just satisfy your curiosity but know that at any moment, things can just switch and you are suddenly on the receiving end of tigers or an enemy patrol or something like that”.