PS Classics and minis could come to non-PlayStation devices

In an interview about PS Mobile, Fergal Gara, Sony’s UK boss, has hinted at a future for PlayStation games outside of PlayStation platforms.

PS1 classic on PS Mobile

PS Mobile is the re-branded name for the PlayStation Suite, an Android-based platform intended to develop and release games on PlayStation-certified devices (phones, tablets etc). Speaking of the increasing number of methods and sources of gaming content Gara said, ”PlayStation is a great gaming brand, but it can’t become irrelevant by only doing things one way when consumers do things many ways. Do we want to be relevant in the future to the world of gaming? Absolutely, of course we do.”

The way to stay relevant according to Gara then is to make sure PlayStation games are available wherever people are playing, not just on the usual platforms. “Do we have a great strength in handheld and home consoles? Yes we do”, he remarked. “But will that be enough on its own? Well no, not necessarily. I still see it as in early development, but we’re finding a point of difference. It gives out an outlet for our historic content. PSone Classics can come into that world. The minis program keeps going. They’re not included in PS Mobile yet. Could they be and what content would be loaded in? That will continue to evolve over time. It becomes all the more relevant to people and the way they are gaming today, getting into all those other devices”.

Thanks Eurogamer.