Dishonoured trophies are full of ‘hell no’.

It’s not so much that these Dishonored trophies seem hard, it’s just that some of them look like things you might not want to actually do. “Complete the game without actually killing anyone”? What’s the point of playing?

There’s nothing overly spoilery in there either, unless you know nothing about the game in which case this is a really bad place to start

Dishonored trophies



Thief - You pickpocketed items worth a total of 200 coins

Versatile - You killed characters with each weapon and offensive gadget

Wall of Sparks - You killed an enemy with the Wall of Light

Rogue - You assassinated 10 unaware enemies

Specter - After escaping prison, you completed a mission, not alerting anyone and killing less than 5 people

Faceless - After escaping Coldridge Prison, you completed a mission without alerting anyone

Manipulator - You made others kill 5 of their own allies

Razor Rain - You killed 5 characters with Drop Assassination

Harm’s Way - You caused 5 unintentional suicides

Inhabitant - You stayed in possession of others for most of a 3 minute period

Hornets’ Nest - You killed 4 enemies in less than 1 second using the crossbow

Speed of Darkness - You traveled 30 meters in less than 1 second

Tempest - You killed 6 enemies in less than 1 second

Merchant of Disorder - You acquired 15 equipment upgrades

Occultist - You collected 10 bone charms

The Escapist - After Coldridge Prison, you eluded 5 pursuers at once without killing them or leaving the map

Cleaner - You fought 5 enemies at once and none of them survived

Dishonored - You escaped Coldridge Prison

Excommunication - You eliminated High Overseer Campbell

Child Care - You located Lady Emily Kaldwin, heir to the throne

Capturing Genius and Madness - You abducted Anton Sokolov, Royal Physician

Regicide - You assassinated the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows

Political Suicide - You brought about the Lord Regent’s fall from grace by broadcasting his crimes

This is Mine - You recovered your belongings


Ghost - You completed all missions after the prologue, alerting or killing no one but key targets

Shadow – You completed all missions after the prologue without alerting anyone

Mostly Flesh and Steel - You finished the game without purchasing any supernatural powers or enhancements, besides Blink

Surgical - You played from the first mission through Kaldwin’s Bridge killing fewer than 10 characters

Art Dealer - You collected all the Sokolov paintings

Back Home - You grabbed a live grenade and threw it back, killing an attacker

Big Boy - You killed a tallboy using only your sword


Clean Hands - You completed the game without killing anyone

Resolution - You completed the game


Platinum Blades and Dark Corners - You have mastered the City of Dunwall and unlocked all Trophies

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