Killzone HD restored using Killzone 3 to fix corrupted data

killzone hd

It’s a bit like how the Jurassic Park scientists used frog DNA to fix the dinosaurs. Except in this case it’s Guerrilla devs using Killzone 3 to fix all the broken bits of Killzone 1 HD.

In interview technical director Michiel van der Leeuw explained that when they recovered the original game’s code, “There were corruptions and missing bits in the data, which caused all kinds of weird artifacts like polygons shooting through the game world.” Obviously that all needed fixing before the game could be fully remastered.



According to senior programmer Frank Compagner, though, none of the original tech remained to fix the issues. The solution then was to use the last game in the series. “The conversion team rather ingeniously re-used portions of the Killzone 3 pipeline with some manual hacks to convert the data back to Killzone 1 format”.

They even fixed a few bugs that slipped through eight years ago. “The Offices level from chapter 2 is a good example,” says Leeuw. “In the original, there were a couple of pillars that the player could just walk right through. The bug slipped by us due to a very, very late change to the content. The Killzone HD conversion team solved the problem by painstakingly recreating the physics mesh and merging it back into the game.”

You can read the full interview over at the EU blog where they cover all sorts of stuff like making old the PS2 controls work on a PS3 pad, tweaking sensitivities, and technical stuff like frame rates, shaders, LOD settings and MSAA filtering. I think that all roughly translates into ‘make game look pretty on PS3′.