Tesco promising “more stores than any retailer open at midnight for all releases this year”

Nick Cooke, Tesco’s category buying manager, has promised the supermarket is your best bet for picking up games like Black Ops 2 the moment they’re released.

Speaking in an interview on CVG, Cooke said, “We will have more stores than any other retailer open at midnight for all releases this year. We don’t just open late for COD and FIFA, we’re open at midnight for every release. You can pre-order with us, turn up at midnight and be home gaming before anyone else.”

“Gaming is very important to Tesco,” says Cooke, “It’s a very broad category that appeals to a wide audience, all of whom are potential Tesco customers in one way or another. We also see the future of gaming and are working to keep pace with the industry.”

You’ll also be able to get stuff online. “Our website is currently going through a major change as we integrate our Tesco Entertainment site with the main Tesco site; this will allow us to present games in a much better way for gamers. Our delivery offerings are already very strong with free UK delivery on all games, and click and collect available in over 1000 stores.”

His¬†insider¬†connections haven’t netted any PS4 news though. “I’ve asked Sony lots about it, but nobody’s giving anything away. They can’t come soon enough in my view; I doubt anyone uses a computer that came out in 2006, so why are gamers expected to?”