75 videogame Twitter feeds you must follow

PlayStation heroes:

Kazunori Yamauchi


Producer, Polyphony Digital

“Just to let you know, total player mileage in GT5 is 58.5 billion km (36.5 billion mi). We’re on our way out of the solar system.”

Ken Levine


Co-founder/creative director, Irrational

“Loved the cosplay today. However, one dude sporting some serious wood in his tights. #stayincharacter, dude.”

Shuehei Yoshida


President of Sony Worldwide Studios

“Platinumed Resistance: Burning Skies, my very 1st platinum trophy on PS Vita and my 2nd ever.”

Amy Hennig


Creative director, Naughty Dog

“Journey is the most beautiful and emotional game I’ve ever played – a masterpiece. Thank you @JenovaChen & everyone at @thatgamecompany.”

Hideo Kojima


Director, Kojima Productions

“Again and again, changed setting of Project Ogre.”

Ted Price


Founder and CEO, Insomniac

“Yeah, about that Chimeran Bullseye in my office…when the aliens land, I’ll be ready.”

Fumito Ueda


Creative director, Team Ico

“Watching a borrowed Walking Dead DVD. I want to make a zombie game someday also. An emotional zombie game.”

Evan Wells


Co-president, Naughty Dog

“I’ve the utmost respect for @ebertchicago so I hope he takes another look at #TheLastOfUs before dismissing it. We’re trying something different.”

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