What YOU want to see in GTA 5

The best (and weirdest) submitted to our Facebook GTA 5 wishlist. If you guys really were the ones making Grand Theft Auto V, it’d be incredibly violent, incredibly tactical, full of cameos… and would take 100 years to develop. But shh – let’s not get bogged down in the logistics. Let’s just imagine.

Grand Theft Auto 5: your wish list

Scott Pickard:“I liked how RDR opened up the possibility of not only toying with the world, but also toying with the people (ie hogtying). I would like to see some kind of system that allows you to mess around with the people: kidnap, throw them off a bridge, strap them to a helicopter, and so on.”


Sergi Makocki Knapik:  “I would love to see Niko Bellic return – this time fronting a nefarious gang of drug dealers.”

Liam Dodd: “A new mission-based system for the online game. IV did a nice setup for it, but I feel Rockstar could do a whole load more to make it truly feel like you’re running a criminal empire online – Stringer Bell from The Wire style.”

Dan Upton: “I’d love to see characters from previous games return, even if just for a mission or two. Claude from GTA III in San Andreas being a prime example. That said, I hope the rumours are true about Tommy Vercetti from Vice City being the main character. It’d be great to have a fresh perspective on things in terms of an older playable character – someone who has already established an empire, rather than some young gangster just starting out.”

Matthew Wilson: “Two-player split-screen co-op, so I don’t have to take turns with my mates. Casinos, malls, lots of customisation for cars. Oh, and the return of San Andreas’ zombie lab – but more explorable!”

Gareth Pipe-Edwards: “I’d like to see real ramifications for your actions, like manipulating rival gangs to start a turf war, or blackmailing an acquaintance to take on some of your story missions if you’re already on one.”

Alistair Pearson: “Fighter jets, airports… basically anything that went missing between San Andreas and GTA IV.”