Far Cry 3 screens prove why you should avoid the crazy murder island when booking a holiday

Here’s a few new Far Cry 3 screens to show you the sort of things you could be getting up to during a murder holiday on an island full of crazy people. It’s not all fighting to survive against people. Oh no, there are tigers and sharks too.

Far Cry 3 screens

The best things though is the wealth of stuff the new screen show off. Joining resident crazy man Vaas is a new character, Buck. He’s an unsettling mix of Australian and murdering hill billy. He probably not your friend. As well as the killing and shooting and exploding and zip lines and gliders and jets and boats and ATV and tigers [breathes] There’s also some lovely stuff like swimming underwater with little blue fish and just taking in the beauty of it all. Far Cry 3 am excite.