Black Ops 2 zombies trailer reveals story campaign, competitve multiplayer and copious amounts of BRAAAAAINS

This Black Op 2′s zombies mode trailer is really going to undead town (population: sod all living folk) with new features. Impromptu car door shields! Zombie bus joyrides! Obnoxious, whiny rock!

Black Ops 2 Zombie info

The big news this time out is Treyarch’s enduringly popular brain-biters (who evolved from a simple mini-game in COD: World At War) are now getting a fully fledged mode selectable from Black Ops 2′s main menu. Excitingly, the developer has now confirmed its latest round of zombies will have a story-driven campaign and an 8-player versus mode.

According to Treyarch the story mode will be set in an “expansive world”, to the extent players will have to use the bus seen in the trailer above to get around environments. Thematically, this ties in with the more open-world nature of the main Black Ops 2 single-player campaign.

The new BLOPS 2 versus mode is called Grief. It sets humans against humans… and members of the living-challenged community, of course. Though players won’t be able to shoot each other directly, the mode’s name comes from the fact your aim is to get the zombies to kill your opponents for you through acts of being a ‘griefing’ dirtbag. That sh*t just ain’t cricket. Our cheaty inner sprogs love it.

See the latest Black Ops 2 zombies screens here.

Thanks: Joystiq