Why Rock Band 3 should win the HMV Golden Joysticks Best DLC award

OPM’s editor Ben Wilson sings, strums and beats the praises of Rock Band 3′s extraordinary post-release content, and advocates Harmonix’s party game for best DLC award at this years’ HMV Golden Joysticks awards.

Rock Band 3 – Best DLC

Here’s a fact for you: Harmonix has now posted new Rock Band content on the PS3 Store for over 250 weeks in a row. That’s five years. Here’s another fact: when put up for sale by owner Viacom, the studio bought itself from its previous overlords (for, it’s strongly rumoured, just $10) so it could continue to offer weekly DLC and first-hand customer service. For those two reasons alone, the studio surely merits some sort of golden gong.

But if you need further reason to give it your Joystick vote, just look at the size and scope of its DLC offerings this year alone. 22 packs and 116 songs for all tastes, from the metal of Slayer’s Raining Blood and South Of Heaven to more mainstream current artists like Pink and Paramore to – I kid you not – the kitsch slice of ‘80s cheese that is Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.

In terms of the number of songs on offer RB3 dwarfs even my beloved SingStar, and that’s before you consider that these tracks can be played on plastic axe, keyboard, drumkit or mic by any demonination of one to seven players. It’s taken over Sony’s karaoke classic as the ultimate party game, and its gargantuan DLC offering is the main reason for that. Give it your vote or I’ll stand outside your house repeatedly belting out Astley.

No, I’m serious. “We’ve known each other, for so long…”