New Metal Gear Rising trailer introduces stealth elements, many-armed women, gargantuan boss fights

Platinum Games and Kojima Creation’s slashtacular lovechild Metal Gear Rising shows no signs of easing up on the insane-o-gram (in fact it broke OPM’s when we ran some tests, and those things are expensive). However, it is keen to instil upon your excited/cynical minds the notion that it’s not all chopping helicopters julienne and running from explosions. I mean, it is that, but there’s stealth too. Honest.

Metal Gear Rising PS3 Stealth Trailer

Firstly: we have no idea what’s going on with the story. President’s been kidnapped by terrorists who demand an array of military vehicles and equipment be finely chopped? Woman with whip made of arms is angry? We’ll have to wait for the localised version of the trailer, or learn Japanese. Whichever’s quickest.

What the trailer does tell us though, is that you’ll be able to remotely control three-armed grappling-drones and electrocute guards with them. So that should be fun. Oh and there are security cameras, as in other Metal Gear titles, but you can just go ahead and slice those up as if they were made of Lurpack. It’s stealth, Platinum Games style.

OPM deputy editor Joel Gregory’s been hands-on with Metal Gear Rising, and he did declare it “crazy fun.” Will it be over-hyped action fare, clever parody of action gaming, or genuinely brilliant slash-fest? We’re edging toward the latter, but we’ll know for sure when the February 21 release date arrives.