8 PS3 Essentials you need to buy with your PS3 Super Slim


God Of War 3

With Sony announcing the new PS3 Super Slim and accompanying PS3 Essentials budget range at its TGS 2012 press conference, we felt we should dig our collective snouts in the opinion trough. So with a slant towards folk who may be buying a PlayStation 3 for the first time, here are what we consider to be the eight best PS3 Essentials…

There are three certainties in life. Death. Taxes. And that if you ever come face to face with Kratos, your throat will be ripped out before you can say ‘IRS’. Thankfully A) he’s just a video game character, and B) he’s on your side. Meaning that, in the third game in the series, you get to do plenty of throat-ripping. And head-tearing. And literal eye-popping. There’s a strong story about the cue-ball headed god-hater fighting his way towards Mount Olympus in order to exact revenge on Zeus, too, but first and foremost this is about virtual evisceration. And on PS3, no game has done it bloodier, or better.