Black Ops 2 gets zombies single-player campaign?

Oh, Amazon, you cheeky beggars. The mega shopping site’s listing for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 briefly cited one of the megaton shooter’s key game features as “The inclusion of Zombies in gameplay, both as an option for multiplayer, and as a campaign option”. Unsurprisingly, the listing has now been swiftly amended to omit the above nugget.

Black Ops 2 zombie single-player

Previously, murdering Hitler’s finest goose-stepping hordes has been limited to online co-op in Treyarch’s previous COD entries, including the original Black Ops and World At War. Does this mean we’re about to see a bonus story mode where emotive zombies suffer traumatic flashbacks centred around some nonsense about numbers, before shooting seven shades of undead frontal lobe out of each other? Studio head Mark Lamia has been teasing something big for Black Ops 2′s zombie mode,┬ámaybe this is it?

Perhaps, of course, it could simply be Amazon accidentally letting the workie have a naughty fiddle with its CMS. Either way, we predict Black Ops 2 on PS3 will have some sort of slavering, brain-biting surprise in store for us.

Thanks: Kotaku