WWE 13′s creative director on how old video cassettes helped create a modern wrestling game

WWE 13 Mike Tyson screens

WWE 13 creative director Bryan Williams has been speaking about the research process for THQ’s latest installment, including the level of research involved in creating an authentic old school Attitude experience.

Making WWE 13

“Attention to detail is something that we strive for, you know even for the current WWE stars in programming I think we do a good job of replicating what fans see,” says Williams. However, it’s one thing to recreate what’s around now and something else entirely to together to recreate WWE 13′s late 90s Attitude era.

“[We had] to go back and to look at old tapes because they didn’t have DVDs back then. That’s what we had to do! Look at old tapes and we had to find all the graphics.” Fortunately, rather than trawl bric-a-brac and car boot sales the WWE itself was able to help. “[It] was great in that regard,” explains Williams. “They gave us everything that we needed”.

That said the development team still had to figure out what exactly they were after. “It’s just that [the WWE] needed to know what it was that we needed. So we just went through a whole bunch of episodes or Raw, pay-per-views and said ‘Okay, we’re doing this arena, we have to get this lower third and we need this graphics with everything.’” And while Williams says, “It was slow coming in, because it was a lot of art that had to be created from scratch”. The effort has been worthwhile. “It’s all come together and it just transports you into that time, the attitude era, the late 90s. It’s amazing what we’ve done this year in the span of time that we’ve had to do it.”