First Fuse screens & info arrive

[UPDATE: We've more Fuse info, interviews and a hands on in this preview here.]

Insomniac Game’s creative Brian Allgeier has finally revealed the first info on Fuse, a new four-player co-op shooter that focuses on weapons modified by an alien substance.

First Fuse screens & info

According to Allgeier Fuse (originally called Overstrike) is “a third person, four-player cooperative game that centres around a volatile energy source that has fallen into the wrong hands. The substance, called Fuse, has been acquired by a terrorist organisation known as Raven and Overstrike 9 has been hired to track down and stop it from setting off a deadly arms race.”

The four charecters are:

  • Dalton Brooks, an ex-mercenary who has a Mag-shield that acts as portable cover and unleashes a devastating blast that liquefies opponents.
  • Naya Deveraux, the stealth operative who can cloak to flank enemies and fire out mini-black holes that implode its victims.
  • Jacob Kimble, who keeps enemies at a distance with the Arc Shot, shooting out charged bolts that chain react and fry enemies.
  • Izzy Sinclair, who can either launch out med beacons to heal teammates or fire her Shatter Gun to crystallise and explode nearby threats.

If you’re not playing the full four then there’s a LEAP function to jump between available players. More later tonight when the embargo lifts at 8pm.

Thanks EU Blog.