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Enslaved: Odyssey To The West

Released within a month of Black Ops, publisher Namco Bandai might as well’ve offered a free haymaker to the nose as a pre-order incentive for Enslaved. Games that don’t involve headshots or headers around Xmas are destined for hard lives as it is, let alone when you’re as charming and inventive as Enslaved. Charting the adventures of Monkey, the game passes through the ruins of a jungle-strewn New York and other gloriously green settings post-robot apocalypse. Centred around protecting a women called Trip, Enslaved combines thoughtful puzzles and streamlined platforming, before tying both around a genuinely touching companionship.

Pub Namco Bandai Dev Ninja Theory Release 2010 Score 8/10 Best price £7.99 – propelgamer.co.uk