New Aliens Colonial Marines screenshots – is that a new alien type?

Sharp sticks at the ready – here’s the latest drop of screenshots for Aliens Colonial Marines. One shot appears to show a new spitting, glowing alien type to contend with. It’s been 700 years now since Gearbox’s in-canon Aliens shooter was announced, but it hasn’t been gathering dust – as the new xeno breed and outdoor, corridor-free locale confirms.

Aliens Colonial Marines screens

Gearbox is being really cagey about Colonial Marines’ story, but When OPM chatted with vice president Randy Pitchford (of Gearbox, not America) he revealed to us that sections of the game will break free from the corridors and take place out in the wilds of LV-426, which you can read about in our Aliens Colonial Marines preview. Art Director Brian Cozzens also told us the team’s working on a variety of new alien types – but placed an emphasis on not straying into the the realms of the ridiculous.