Dishonored: 6 ways it will save gaming


It cares about story

And we don’t just mean the narrative equates to more than the usual ‘one man against a global network of dicks’ spiel – in fact from what we’ve seen so far it kind of is that. It’s hard not to reduce a plot down to those terms when you’re facing enemies at every corner and killing them as is your wont. Where Dishonored differs is in its approach to storytelling – specifically, using subtlety and surrounding details to give you a better understanding of the plot and the over-arching lore. Grafitti scrawled in sewers tells the plight of the trampled masses a la Left 4 Dead. Tallboys chase after citizens for what appears to be no reason. Groups of cowering proles stand trapped behind forcefields called Walls Of Light. The Cityscape is an odd mix of opulence and ruin – all these elements tell you about the Lord Regent’s tyranny better than a cut-scene ever could.