PlayStation 4 to support 4K resolution, 4x that of 1080p full HD?

PS4 sony e3 conference

The PlayStation 4 will reportedly support the new super-HD 4K resolution, according to an industry source. With a compatible TV set, that means the PS4 will be able to show images in four times the resolution of 1080p.

PlayStation 4 4K resolution

According to tech site BGR, TV manufacturers’ next big push will be into 4K displays, which offer four times the image clarity of 1080p. They also casually mention, ”the company’s next-generation PlayStation 4 will indeed support 4K resolution playback as well, a source tells us”.

Sony already sells 4K Blu-Ray players for around £250 and (although a set that will display the 4K images will set you back considerably more - LG’s recently unveiled 84-inch 4K TV will cripple your wallet to the tune of around £14,000), so having the option to play PS4 games in 4K makes sense on paper. So long as said paper isn’t a printout of your bill for 4K PSN store downloads.

Thanks, BGR.