The best PS3 games of 2012 so far: The reader vote



[This is only our mid-year vote. You might want our full and final PlayStation Game of the Year 2012]


The Amazing Spider-Man

Last time we looked at the best PS3 games of 2012, we chose. That didn’t seem fair so this time we asked you guys to vote, and kicking off your list is, to be honest, a bit of a surprise entry. We’re not sure how we feel about a game branding itself ‘amazing’ – that’s sort of what we’re here to do. Then again, with our Spider-Man PS3 review awarding it a less than stella 6/10 ”The Slightly above Average Spider-Man” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Non-the-less you still voted it at number ten and, clearly, there’s a lot of love for Spidey who also cropped up in your Top 20 best PlayStation characters. Clearly the allure of swinging about Manhattan in a red and blue onesie is a strong one.

The Amazing Spider-Man PS3 review: 6/10