Tokyo Jungle gets a European PSN release

Tokyo Jungle Release Date

[Update: read our Tokyo Jungle review to find out more.]

Tokyo Jungle, PlayStation C.A.M.P.’s worryingly bonkers animal brawler (complete with dinosaurs, boxing kangaroos and Pomeranian dogs) will be getting a UK release.

Tokyo Jungle release date

According to Sony, Tokyo Jungle will launch as a digital download in the West, arriving onto the PlayStation Store on 26 September while costing a very cheerful £9.99.

For the uninitiated, Tokyo Jungle is exactly what it sounds like: a game set in a post-apocalyptic version of Japan’s sprawling capital that’s overrun with wildlife. Gameplay is a mixture of action and survival, with players assuming the roles of various species and completing missions in order to uncover the mystery of humanity’s disappearance. There’s an additional survival-only mode where players must stay alive for as long as possible in the game’s dog-eat-dog world. This latter mode will feature online leaderboards where players will be able to compare their survival skills.

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