No Metal Gear Rising on PS Vita, cutting system “only possible with the power of a PS3″

Metal Gear Rising gamescom screens

Creative producer Yuji Korekado has confirmed there’s no PS Vita version of Metal Gear Rising on the way with an emphatic, “as of now, we haven’t contemplated bringing it to handheld consoles”.

Metal Gear Rising’s PS Vita no show

The reason behind the Vita no show is one of power. The cutting system which lets players slice up anything and everything is apparently too processor intensive. According to creative producer Yuji Korekado it’s the core gameplay mechanic and one of Rising’s “main appeals” but “requires a lot of hardware power, which is only possible with the power of a PlayStation 3″. For that reason he says. “As of now we aren’t considering a Vita version”.

Metal Gear Rising’s PS3 release date is currently February 21st, 2013. Our man Joel’s been lucky enough to play it and you can hear what he thinks below.

Thanks Eurogamer.