Is Hearthfire the next Skyrim DLC?

hearthfire skyrim dlc

Zenimax, Bethesda’s parent company have filed a trademark for ‘Hearthfire’, the name of the 9th month in the Elder Scrolls calendar, suggesting it could be the name for the next Skyrim DLC.

Skyrim Hearthfire

Okay, admittedly we’re still waiting for Dawnguard on PS3 but if Bethesda are prepping up DLC number 2 that’s got to mean number 1′s on the way right? Right? Bethesda has recently admitted that the Dawnguard PS3 delay was due to performance issues, which after Rimlag and the recently fixed water crash bug doesn’t exactly fill me with hope for ever finishing my 130 hour plus game.

If Hearthfire is the next DLC that it suggests a magic focus as that month is big with the Psijic Order of mages and Necromancers. There’s also ‘Childrens Day’ but I think we’re unlikely to see hide and seek getting it’s own spin of.

Thanks Venturebeat.