FIFA: 10 of the funniest (and most disturbing) glitches

Messi breaks leg, keeps playing

Lionel Messi’s a flexible lad, granted – but this is pushing it. The best bit is when he stares in existential horror at his own foot, which sits at eye-level as he hops around like a lost boy. He almost grabs Carvalho for help, then thinks better of it. “This is how you move around now, Leo,” he seems to accept towards the end, “Deal with it.”

Andy Carroll’s passion erupts

In this famed moment of FIFA 12 glitchery, Andy Carroll siezes the opportunity of being near Lukasz Fabianski to engage in a moment of pure, unbridled passion. Performance capture studios couldn’t better the nuances of their embrace, in which Fabianski appears initially swept away by Carroll’s spontaneity, then gently pushes the towering Newcastle forward away with a tenderness that says “not here. Not now.”

Robin Van Persie forgets how to walk

Maybe the headline-grabbing dutchman has been playing too much QWOP – whatever the cause, he just plain can’t get back up to his feet in this game. He does manage to get agonisingly close using a combination of desperate spasms and the kind of spinning manouvers usually reserved for drunk uncles on wedding dancefloors when they hear “It’s like that” by Run D.M.C feat. Jason Nevins, but the luckless striker’s toppled once again by a team-mate. Gunners – consider this catharsis.

The free kick that pushed a goalie into his own net

The ref’s call for the free kick is a good one. His decision to let the goal stand following a 45-yard shot that the keeper easily caught before being steamrollered into his own goal by an opposition striker;s scything legs, however, is more controversial. Well, they can’t get it right all the time.

Pique makes the ultimate sacrifice

Barcelona players have instilled in them a winner’s attitude. It means they’re prepared to run the extra yard to make a pass, stretch those vital inches further for a header, and in the case of star centre half Gerard Pique, use a team-mate as a springboard to chuck your head underneath the striker’s boots to stop a goal. The haunting score that accompanies this footage really hammers home the magnitude of his sacrifice. And some people say these players are paid too much.